V studio was founded in 2016, based in Caochangdi Art District, Beijing. Equipped with an interdisciplinary team of artists and designers. we are dedicated to researches and practices on public art and spatial design. In design practices, we insist on taking "problem research" as the first step, and strive to figure out corresponding strategies for identified problems and challenges. Due to the awareness of problems, we are able to cross disciplinary boundaries and inject critical ideas into different projects, thereby creating plenty of works of different characteristics. Since establishment, our design works, concepts and theses have frequently appeared in various professional magazines, academic forums and exhibitions and on media platforms, which has gradually improved our visibility in the industry and society.

Our design work "Sinkhole Floor Drain" won 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards - Environment Design Gold Award, and the project "Bamboo Forest on the Roof" was Hospitality Interior Design Winner of The 2018 Architecture MasterPrize. Besides, we have been invited to participate in many exhibitions at home and abroad, including The 3rd China Design Exhibition organized by Ministry of Culture of the PRC, 2018 Datong Biennial (We also acted as the curator of Public Art Exhibition Zone), Sculpture By The Sea Bondi 2018, 2017 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB), Art Beijing 2017, 2017 Wonderland New Art Exhibition in Changde City, and 2016 "Art Intervention in Rural Area: Salvation and Symbiosis" Exhibition hosted by Guangdong Museum of Art, etc.


Hu Quanchun

Associate professor, Public Art Studio, CAFA Sculpture Department


He Jianwei

Graduated from School of Architecture, CAFA


Zhu Weiliang   Li Hailiang   Zhang Zhihui   Sun Meng   Wu Chenyang   Li Wei   Xiang Yu   Zhou Zhenxing

Former team members:

Zhang Fei   Qiao Yulong   Wang Songliang   Li Longjie   Zhang Jiaxi   Li Xudong   Li Zhiying