Jungle of Flowers and Grasses

Jungle of Flowers and Grasses

Jungle of Flowers and Grasses - A Work of Public Art in Muxiyuan Station of Beijing Subway Line 8

Creating a public artistic work in the subway station is full of challenges, because the space is constrained by strict safety and operational specifications and it is difficult to ensure the "effectiveness" of the design work. If the work excessively panders to the public taste, it will become a kitsch, while if the design idea and form of expression are too obscure, the work can be hardly perceived by the public and hence become ineffective.

The subway station is a crowded urban public space where people move in a hurry, with anxiety. If the artistic work doesn't convey its idea to people in a rapid and clear way, it cannot resonate with the public, let alone have interaction with them.

The subway station name "Muxiyuan" in Chinese implies a scene of green plants and flowers, so we took it as the design concept, aiming to create a work composed of large artistic flowers and grasses to emphasize a sense of place. Through magnifying the size of the structure, it makes people feel that they become smaller in the space, as if they are in a giant jungle of flowers and grasses. Such design method is not unique, but can communicate the history of Muxiyuan to people. The work was designed with cartoon style, which makes it more understandable, enhances its visual appeal and also provides people with immersive experience. Besides, the bright colors bring relaxation to the busy day and crowded space.

During the design process, as opposed to focusing on personalized artistic expression, we tried to work out strategies to let people interact with the work. In fact, the more people get close to the work, the more they can perceive and enjoy it. Only the interaction with the public can fully revitalize the "jungle of flowers and grasses".

Project category: public art

Design studio: V Studio

Chief designer: Hu Quanchun

Design assistants: Xiang Yu, Zhou Zhenxing

Design team: Xiang Yu, Zhou Zhenxing, Shao Kang, Pang Weiguo, Liu Chenping

Project principal: Xu Enbin

Technical director: Mao Qinghu

Art consultants: Zhang Baowei, Yu Huayun, Li Yatie

Construction company: Beijing Jingzhi Art & Culture Co., Ltd.

Client: Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation

Supervision organization: Beijing Urban Sculpture Construction and Management Office

Photographer: Jin Weiqi

Materials & techniques: stainless steel forging, paint spraying, acrylic paint (for drawing)  

Size: 14.4 m × 3.2 m, 14.4 m × 3.2 m, 11.5 m × 4 m

Design period: April 2016 - August 2016

Construction period: June 2018 - December 2018

Design studio website: www.5vstudio.com

Design studio e-mail: vstudio5@qq.com

Text: Hu Quanchun