Artificial Spring

Artificial Spring

The project is located in Ganquan Village. "Ganquan" in Chinese means spring water. Long time ago, the Village was famous for a spring, which disappeared due to geological changes. Without the spring, half the soul of the Village is lost.

From the perspective of landscape design, if there is a lack of water, we can introduce water and create a water feature. However, for Ganquan people, water is more about spiritual strength and symbolic significance. Considering this, the goal is to create a spiritual place with a spring for villagers. The project is situated on a farmland far away from the village, an area that people must pass through to get to the village in the future. After being constructed, it will become a landmark. It borrows the structure of traditional kilns in the Village, with the enclosure walls constructed with distinctive local saggars and firebricks.


Project category: public art

Location: Ganquan Village, Xin'an County, Luoyang City, China

Status: unbuilt

Size: 9 meters in diameter, 9.8 meters in height

Materials: saggars, firebricks

Chief designer: Hu Quanchun

Art consultant: Xiao Bin

Design assistant: Xiang Yu

Design team: Xiang Yu, Zhang Fei, Qiao Yulong

Design time: April 2018

Sponsors: Beijing BES Village Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Luoyang CIQUAN Tourism Development Co., Ltd.