Stone Carving Gallery

Stone Carving Gallery

The project is located in Quyang County of China which is famous for its stone carving. It is a small gallery that serves for exhibition, conference and working, right near the entrance gate of Jiuseshi Stone Carving Art Park.

Inspired by a stack of large stones at the quarry, we intend to create a similar structure at the art park entrance, hoping to make it a landmark and indicate its functions through the exteriors. The overall architecture looks solid, massive and enclosed from the outside, while the interior space is bright by introducing an atrium. Massive walls, transparent atrium, natural light, and green plants, together create a minimalist space full of spiritual connotations.


Project category: architecture

Design studio: V studio

Chief designer: Hu Quanchun

Design team: He Jianwei, Zhu Weiliang, Xiang Yu, Qiao Yulong

Client: Jiuseshi Stone Carving Art Design Co., Ltd.

Material: concrete (shaped by wooden boards)

Area: 1300 m2

Design time: July 2018

Status: under construction