Wind-driven Water Wheel Installation

Wind-driven Water Wheel Installation

Tobacco was once the main cash crop in Huashi Village. The villagers had to construct a pond to save water for irrigation, since the local Karst landform made it unfeasible to dig ditches. However, nowadays, the production mode and lifestyle of the villagers have changed greatly, and they don't rely on traditional methods for agricultural production any more. The water storage pond is no longer an indispensible facility in the Village, but still reminds people of its presence with its simplistic form, austere material texture, and serene and mysterious ambience.


▼Site Situation


The pond was built on a high-elevation land, and is enclosed by hollow bricks for the sake of safety, which makes it difficult to see the water inside. Based on this, V studio hopes to make use of the wind to drive the water wheel to scoop up water, so as to "reinvigorate" the pond and let people think of the way of agricultural production in the past as viewing and listening to the sound of trickling water.The Village is situated at a valley between two south-north hills, so the direction and strength of the prevailing winds are stable throughout the year, which can provide strong mechanical power for the water wheel installation. The installation is composed of "wind ladle wheel" and "water ladle wheel", with the former one driving the movement of the later one, hence scooping up water.




It is made of specular stainless steel, which reflects the surrounding environment on its surface, thereby dissolving the sense of "existence" of the material, blending the installation with the site, enriching its presentation and producing a lively visual impression.




Project type: public art

Design firm: V studio

Location: Huashi Village, Youyang County, Chongqing, China

Chief designer: Hu Quanchun

Design coordination: He Jianwei

Design assistant: Xiang Yu

Design team: Xiang Yu, Zhu Weiliang, Wang Bin, Wu Chenyang, Zhao Yuqing

Technical consultant: Mao Qinghu

Project planning: Chen Shilan

Client: Chongqing YI SHAN YI YU Culture & Creative Co., Ltd.

Materials: specular stainless steel, pneumatic mechanical device

Size: height — 13 m, diameter — 14.4 m

Design phase: 8 May 2019 — 15 May 2019

Status: unbuilt

Text: Hu Quanchun