Flower Stone Tower

Flower Stone Tower

Located in Chongqing, China, Huashi Village features a typical Karst landform. In its Chinese name, "hua" and "shi" refer to "flower" and "stone" respectively. The Village is so named because there are plenty of flower-like plant fossils on its open field. The "Flower Stone Tower" is designed to echo and highlight such geological impression. Situated at the end of the tour route in the Village, and adjacent to an expressway, it can also become a striking landmark.


▼The spatial form originates from flower-like plant fossils






More importantly, it's a place that provides immersive experience. Taking cues from the unique plant fossils in the Village, it is enclosed by pieces of local shale, forming a flower-like structure. The outer and inner spaces present totally different experiences. The exterior appears simplistic, soaring and solid, full of tension. In the interior space, the Village's overall landscape is reduced to three pure elements — sky, stone and water, with a view to creating a mysterious and tranquil ancient ambience.



▼Internal light change





Project type: public art

Location: Huashi Village, Youyang County, Chongqing, China

Chief designer: Hu Quanchun

Design coordination: He Jianwei

Design assistant: Xiang Yu

Design team: Xiang Yu, Zhu Weiliang, Wang Bin, Wu Chenyang, Zhao Yuqing

Project planning: Chen Shilan

Client: Chongqing YI SHAN YI YU Culture & Creative Co., Ltd.

Materials: local shale

Size: height — 13 m, diameter — 14.4 m

Design phase: 8 May 2019 — 15 May 2019

Status: unbuilt

Text: Hu Quanchun