Hu Quanchun, a sculpture teacher, won the DFA Asia Most Influential Design Award for Environmental Design

On the evening of December 4, the awarding ceremony of the DFA Design Award sponsored by the Hong Kong Design Centre was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Hu Quanzhun, a sculpture teacher, was awarded the DFA Asia Most Influential Design Award for Environmental Design Gold Award. Hu Quanzhun's award-winning landscape art work is Tiankeng Ground Leakage. The work was implemented in Yubulu Village, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. It belongs to the project of "Yubulu Beautiful Village Construction" sponsored by Vice President Lu Pingjing, Central Academy of Fine Arts. The original intention of the design and creation of works is to re-open the dusty geological memory through manual intervention.

Yubulu is a typical karst landform. The village is situated in a pit surrounded by mountains on all sides. The cottage is built along the outer edge of the bottom of the Tiankeng, with a large area of open farmland in the middle. More than a decade ago, when rainstorms were extreme, the rainwater from the surrounding mountains would converge to the Tiankeng, and the villages and farmland would be flooded into "lakes" by rainwater. Amazingly, after about four or five days, the rain will dissipate and the lake will return to the field. The secret of the rapid dissipation of rainwater is that there are four caves in the Tiankeng, which are called "falling water caves" by local people. These caves lead directly to underground underground rivers, through which the rainwater dissipates and flows away. Because of the continuous drought in recent years, the miracle of "transforming farmland into Lake and lake into farmland" has disappeared. With the passage of time, the magical "falling hole" has long been hidden among the weeds and trees, and most villagers have forgotten it. Only the elderly in the village occasionally mention its existence and efficacy, and perhaps in a few years it will be completely forgotten. Keeping this unique geological memory is the motive of creation.
In geology, these "falling holes" are called "ground leakage". The creative concept of Tiankeng Diliu comes from this. The space form of the work directly adopts the prototype of "funnel". The diameter of the upper edge of the funnel is 9 meters, the depth is 2.4 meters, the diameter of the lower edge is 1 meter, and the depth is 1 meter. The drainage outlet with a diameter of 30 cm is reserved along the bottom side wall of the tunnel to connect with the underground river to ensure that the ground leakage still has good drainage function if it meets the extreme weather of heavy rain again. The whole work was completed in cooperation with the local masons. The "funnel" wall is paved radially with local shale, and the intensive radiation converges to the bottom of the tunnel, creating an illusion of strong suction. From this comes awe and mystery!

The purpose of the DFA Award is to reward innovative design and creation based on Asian issues from an Asian perspective. The privilege of the work Tiankeng Diliu comes from the interpretation of the unique regional characteristics - to awaken the memory of geology is to awaken the memory of human beings!
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